World Toilet Day is November 19!

11 Nov

Have you hugged your toilet today?Every day I use a toilet.  How about you?  Every once in awhile some unforeseen act of God wreaks havoc with my routine and I need to hide behind a tree. But those incidents become fodder for the blog or the book.  They’re exceptions to the rule.  Most of the time my deposits are left in a toilet.  And I take that for granted.

This Saturday is World Toilet Day.  That’s right.  It’s a real thing.  You can Google it, and when you do, you’ll find the World Toilet Organization is behind the event.  In 2001, the World Toilet Organization declared November 19 a day to bring awareness to the global sanitation crisis.  Over 2.6 BILLION people don’t have access to proper sanitation.  That is a lot of shit.

Flush This Book is partnering with the World Toilet Organization to help their efforts to implement sanitation in developing countries.  It’s about dignity, and it’s about health.    Each year, nearly two million children under the age of five die from diarrheal diseases.  This is unacceptable.  A clean toilet.  A clean place to wash up after using a toilet.  In the 21st century, this isn’t too much to ask.

In honor of World Toilet Day, we’ve released an ebook edition of Flush This Book for only 99 cents.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the World Toilet Organization.  One of the great things that the WTO does is to provide quality toilets at very low costs to local vendors they help train in developing countries. They stimulate local economies in impoverished areas, provide low-cost toilet systems that are environmentally sound and raise the quality of life in areas that would otherwise be overrun by disease.  Please help us help them.

Officially stepping off the soapbox now. Debbie Downer has left the building.

For additional comic relief buy the ebook, enjoy the laughs and feel good about donating to a great cause.

For more information about the World Toilet Organization and what you can do to celebrate World Toilet Day click here:

Buy the book now and help the WTO here:

Buy Flush This Book now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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