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“DIY or WWE?” post up at the I Am Woman, Hear Me Fart blog

25 Aug

Ever try to assemble furniture or complete a renovation project with your significant other? Check out our blog post all about the fights and follies that are inevitable when you mix love with DIY. Find it here

I am Woman, Hear Me Fart blog post: “Sex After Kids”

13 Aug

Hello faithful readers. We also write for another blog, “I Am Woman, Hear Me Fart.”  Funny stories we only tell our best girlfriends.  Check out our latest blog entry all about having (or trying to have) sex after acquiring children – here.  Enjoy!

Funny Not Slutty Guest Blog Post: “Walk it Off”

26 Jul

Hello faithful readers! Check out our guest blog at the Funny Not Slutty website (a hilarious website of female created humor for women) here “Walk it Off” is about the inequalities of care given by men and women when one spouse or significant other is sick.

Then, come back here and tell us know what you think in the comments section. Enjoy!

Facebook Fraternization

13 Jul

I’ve been spending A LOT of time on Facebook recently promoting the blog and Flush This Book and it’s made me think more and more about the problem of Facebook Fraternization (yes my term, feel free to use it with abandon) – that’s when you have many different segments of people in your life, like the military wives club members, your family members, classmates from college, neighbors and the best friends who could bring you down with all they know all mixing it up and seeing what you’re posting or saying day to day on the social network site.

Many times I think before posting, “Will this post about past extracurricular activities offend the woman I volunteer with at the local animal shelter?” “Will this video of Jane and me trying out Depends send my aunt into a tizzy?” “Will this link to a funny poop story hurt Chris’ career?” All these separate groups – their likes and dislikes, their various roles in my life, their effect, etc – run in the back of mind when I’m updating my Facebook status.

And doing all this thinking and worrying really sucks. I wish it weren’t that way. If only I could have different Facebook profiles representing the different tribes I belong to. There could be the “High School Heidi” where all I talk about is people’s kids and where they’ve hidden their turds around the house. Then the “Raw Heidi,” seen only by those select few who know the real me and get why trying out Depends is “soooo Heidi.” There’d be a “Pollyanna Heidi” – with chirpy updates safe enough for Grandma. I’d have to make space for “Air Force Heidi” where I could talk shit with my former co-workers and say, “Back when I was in…”

If only these separate profiles were a feature on Facebook, I wouldn’t have to pick and choose my words so carefully – a process which usually only showcases “Watered-down Heidi” and nobody likes her.

Anyone else feel the same?

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