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Shit – The New Gateway Drug?

3 Jul

Hilarious video from Spike TV’s “1,000 Ways to Die” titled Fecal Attraction.

And proof that you can learn something new everyday: there is way to get high off of fermented shit called Jenkum. Just love the “Jenkologist” they interview in this clip. Sorry for the low quality of the video. The video from Spike TV wouldn’t embed properly, so to view the video from Spike, click on the link below the video. Enjoy!


Bridesmaids: Welcome to the Boys Club of Bathroom Humor, Ladies

8 Jun

While hanging together for a week to work on our writing projects, Jane and I took the opportunity to have a bit of girl time and what better way to do that than watch the ode to female friendship currently playing to packed theaters: Kristin Wiig’s brilliant Bridesmaids.

What makes this comedy a revelation is that the female friendship story line that usually takes a backseat to the romantic plot in most chick flicks has been brought front and center. The friendship between two women, played by Wiig and Maya Rudolph, is the core of the movie, while secondary friendships and a romantic subplot between Wiig’s character and a lovable cop add conflict and support to the main plot: what happens between two best friends when one marries and the other is left behind?

Women (and even a surprising number of men) are flocking to this movie not only because it’s incredibly funny, smart, and superbly acted, but it’s a film any one of us can relate to – we’ve all had friends that we’ve lost to the monumental changes in life: marriage, babies, moves, graduations. While we all may not have shit ourselves in the middle of a busy city street while wearing a couture wedding gown, most of us have shit ourselves at one point in time, sometimes in awkward places.

Finally, women are no longer deprived of an intelligent comedy that doesn’t revolve around an uptight woman and the perpetual frat boy that the film makers force us to believe is perfect for her. With Bridesmaids’ huge success, will Hollywood get the memo and deliver more of the same?

If producers are interested in making money they will, because at last, funny ladies are welcome to the boys club of bathroom humor. Bridesmaids has ushered in a new era for women’s comedy – suddenly, it’s not only okay to have a vagina and tell poop jokes, but according to a study done by eHarmony, men actually love their women to employ juvenile or sarcastic “guy humor.” If you can deliver potty humor, guys think, “I can joke around with you and have sex with you? Jackpot!”

So, ladies get in touch with your inner Daniel Tosh and let the funny shit fly!

As for the rest of the guys still resistant to women and gross out humor – get over it. Pandora’s Toilet has been opened and women aren’t afraid to let you know that, yes, we shit and sometimes it can be hilarious.

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