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World Toilet Day

17 Nov

What is World Toilet day and why should we care about it?  Nearly half of the world’s people do not have access to sanitary facilities where they can relieve themselves.  That’s 2.6 BILLION people.  We treat poop with a sense of humor, but this subject is anything but funny.  This lack of sanitation kills 1.8 million people a year, and most of those people are children.  Most of the world’s illnesses are caused by fecal material and related contamination.  Diarrheal disease kills around 5,000 children every day.  Every day.  That’s 5 times as many as those kills by HIV/AIDS.  So why don’t we hear about this?  One of the reasons is that the topic of defecation is taboo.  We need to discuss it.  The World Toilet Organization is the leading nonprofit that aims to mitigate this health crisis by improving sanitation conditions in the globe’s most needy communities.  Please visit their website to learn more about the issue, donate, and get ideas about how to help.

Please join us this Friday, November 19, in celebrating World Toilet Day.  It’s a crappy day to bring awareness to a very worthy cause.  Most of us take for granted that we have a clean safe place to pee and poop.  We are among the lucky half.

Also feel free to join us in our own efforts to continue to remove the taboo from poo.  After all, shit happens.  

Want more poop humor bringing awareness to the global sanitation crisis?  Check out this guy.  Be sure to visit their site on World Toilet Day and view their hilarious 10 minute film for free.  They will be donating money to Water Aid, a group with the same mission as the World Toilet organization.  http://www.bogstandardfilm.com/about.html

Visit www.worldtoilet.org to learn more about World Toilet Day and the organization’s efforts to help improve global sanitation conditions.

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